Evil Vines Cemetery  |  2110 Euclid Avenue, Napa  |  evilvinescemetery@gmail.com 

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Welcome to Evil Vines Cemetery

You've heard the treats are plentiful at Evil Vines Cemetery, so you decide to make a stop there on Halloween night.  This evening the Cemetery is also hosting the annual "Howl-O-Ween Haunt" fundraiser benefiting Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch, and being a loyal supporter you've brought a few bones to donate.  As you pull up to grab a sweet and deliver your donation, you find this is no ordinary trick-or-treat visit.


You cautiously proceed toward the house where grave markers have overtaken the front yard.  Dilapidated fencing grasps at the dirt, struggling to surround the cemetery’s ancient tombstones.  Suddenly, a colony of bats swarm overhead in a maelstrom of wings, alerting the cemetery’s residents to your presence.  Moving toward the decaying fence line, a raven perched high on the cemetery gate eyes your approach.  You think to yourself, “Are the treats worth the tricks?”


Forcing yourself to continue, you discern fingers of fog crawling across the cemetery grounds as crumbling graves come into view.  Lonely candles flicker to illuminate the neglected cemetery’s tombstones, revealing epitaphs both historical and hysterical.  A chill breeze grabs your attention as it sends goose bumps down your neck, whispering a warning of what is to come.


And then you spot it - a dimly lit doorway at the rear of the cemetery.  Its glow beckons you further along the path.  As you turn the corner, the menacing grin of the Evil Vines Pumpkin Sentinel comes into view, his gnarled vines seem to motion toward the doorway draped in shadows.  Turn left and make your escape through the Trail of Terror or venture forward into the spider web ensconced entry where your treat awaits. The choice is yours...


Each October the Evil Vines Cemetery appears, filled with tricks and treats for all ages.  Evil Vines is a unique, outdoor yard haunt where guests can brave a trip to the treat bowl and venture through eerie cemetery paths.  The Cemetery is free and open to the public, but we hope you'll consider leaving a contribution for Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch.  Join us on Halloween night when the Cemetery comes alive - we're dying to see you!

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